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Blackberry 10, Will You Take Me Back?

Blackberry 10

New Blackberry 10 expected to be released at the end of 2012

Very first Blackberry

BlackBerry 850 was the first BlackBerry device introduced in 1999. It supported email and limited HTML browsing, but was not a phone.

Dearest Blackberry,

When you weren’t the hottest thing in town anymore, I left you for what I thought was something better and I’m sorry.  Sure, I was enticed by the other guy’s sexy screen and gorgeous camera, but turns out that was all smoke and mirrors – surface fluff that never really met my needs.  Oh my precious Blackberry, I can’t tell you how many times I have yearned for the days when I held you in my hands.   I remember how your QWERTY would type whatever I wanted.  A “w” was a “w” and a “t” was a “t.”  No game-playing, no struggles, no giving me an inferiority complex by correcting me all the time.  You also talked to me straight-up, heard you loud and clear.  And, you really listened too.  That annoying “can you hear me now?” never even crossed my microphone.  Even if I was complaining or having a bad day, you never dropped me like a hot potato.  Sorry I didn’t do the same.

And now, I heard the news that you might be coming back around.  Rumor has it you have lost your keyboard.  That was what I loved about you most, but it’s OK.  I’m still ready to try again.  I also hear that how you are presenting yourself to the world might not be perfect and app developers are not welcoming you with open arms either, but you have some really good qualities too (check out Mashable’s article on the subject including, “5 Things that are Actually Pretty Cool about Blackberry 10”).  One of your hippest features is your time-machine like camera that captures images from seconds before or after the picture was taken so users can use the best shot (think eyes closed vs. eyes opened).  Oh Blackberry 10, you are clearly offering second chances.  So is there hope for me?


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