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Politics and the Internet Go Together Like Copy and Paste

Google and Microsoft Big Obama DonorsAs a quick follow up to my previous blog about the SOPA bill, which aimed to protect entertainment companies from copyright infringement but threatened internet freedom as we know it, I wanted to share how much the web industry is playing a role in the upcoming elections.

In a recent article I read on Adweek.com titled, “The Internet’s Role in the Democratic Platform: The Web is Now a Big Part of the Political Discussion,” I learned that internet governance policies are hot topics for Democrats and Republicans during this election year. And, in some areas, they actually are in agreement. Both parties believe that internet regulation by outside organizations like the United Nations is out of the question, and that our personal data should be kept private. So while both parties share support of some issues affecting the online industry, political support among the major players in this business is not shared. Microsoft and Google employees are betting their money on Barack Obama as the better industry advocate.  According to OpenSecrets.org, those company’s PACs are the #2 and #3 contributors to his campaign.  Clearly, the battle over internet piracy protection (backed by Republicans) vs. internet freedom (backed by Democrats) is still playing out.  Scroll down to my earlier post, “SOPA and PIPA Bills Postponed but What’s Next?” to read more about this topic.

Between the stopping of the SOPA bill earlier this year and the cash being funneled into Obama’s campaign in order to protect its interests, the online industry is now officially a powerful player in the political scene.  So what’s next?


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